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How To Smoke Changa DMT in 2022

When it comes to how to smoke changa, you have a lot of options. Changa can be smoked out of any smoking device, including a bong, bubbler, pipe, or vaporizer. While more wasteful, changa is also commonly rolled into joints like you would with cannabis. The best smoking device depends on the effect you desire, the ratio of the changa blend you’re working with, and personal preference.

Bongs, likely the most common smoking device used for changa, reliably lead to breakthrough experiences. This is especially the case when smoking high-ratio changa blends where only a single big hit is required. When smoking changa out of a bong or pipe, pack approximately 40-100 mg of changa for a 1:1 ratio blend. Then, apply the flame from about an inch above the bowl to light just the uppermost part. Breath slowly and deeply, holding each hit for 10-20 seconds. 

When vaporizing changa, many users prefer the Glass VaporGenie (GVG) for its smoothness. However, it’s important to note the harmalas in changa require a much higher temperature to vaporize than the DMT. This makes effects from vaporizing more closely resemble freebase DMT unless higher temperatures (230°C+) are used. Successful combustion can have a bit of a learning curve with this vaporizer. Many users find success moving the flame or torch around the bowl in a circular motion, about an inch from the rim. Similar to the other methods, inhale slowly and steadily, holding the hits for 10-20 seconds.

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