In DMT The Same As Changa

Smoking freebase DMT effects are very intense, shocking to the system and are short-lasting. Upon smoking DMT, it usually blasts users to another dimension, and the experience lasts about five minutes. Retaining the visions and integrating the information from the experience is somewhat difficult for many people.

Julian Palmer created changa to offer users the benefits of DMT without the intensity, shock, and difficulty of smoking straight DMT. Many users find changa has a gentler onset, a broader range of psychedelic effects, and lasts longer (15-40 min). One can smoke a little, for example, and have a more relaxed experience. 

Furthermore, people are able to communicate with the plant spirits. It is even possible, users report, to communicate with the ayahuasca spirit. Though an experience like this is possible with crystal DMT, it can also just be a portal to other information that has nothing to do with any plant spirit. “Changa,” Palmer says, “by virtue of being embedded in plants seems to be more conducive to communication with the plants.”

Vocab’ Break 

Mystical Experiences: Psychologist, Rachel Harris, observed that the bond a user cultivates with the plant spirit of ayahuasca facilitates healing. In psychedelic terms, this could classify as a “mystical” experience. Studies at John Hopkins University concluded that mystical experiences potentiate therapeutic and healing outcomes. “Although modern Western medicine doesn’t typically consider ‘spiritual’ or ‘religious’ experiences as one of the tools in the arsenal against sickness, our findings suggest that these encounters often lead to improvements in mental health.” Thus, the connection established between the person and plant spirit may support one’s health overall.

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