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Vaping DMT makes it much more convenient when compared to actually lighting it up and smoking it. Vaping also makes DMT use much more discreet, which is a major plus when you realize that the government treats this life-saving substance as the equivalent of crack or heroin.


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 dmt vape pen for sale onlineBuy dmt vape pen australia N-dimethyltryptamine, or DMT for short, is a hallucinogenic chemical found in many plants and animals. DMT has a long history of spiritual and religious use, notably in South America. DMT, often called the Spirit Molecule or a Businessman’s Trip is a psychedelic that causes strong visual and auditory hallucinations but wears off quickly. Some DMT users report feeling “out of their bodies” and like they’re zooming through a tunnel of colourful lights and geometric forms. Some people claim to have had a life-altering experience after speaking with spiritual or elf-like beings on a trip to another dimension.


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