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DMT Cartridges: Do They Contain Components of Ayahuasca?

dmt vape pen double blind While it’s also found in ayahuasca (which, in said form, lasts a few hours), drinking ayahuasca or smoking powder from a pipe isn’t the only way to experience DMT. It can also be mixed into e-liquid (a.k.a. “vape juice”) and inhaled using common vaporizers. These vapes require no alterations for those who want to use them for DMT, according to various online forums for DMT enthusiasts, who recommend using the DMT e-liquid with vapes like the SMOK AL85 (which retails for $50 USD). Pre-loaded DMT vape pens can also be found online for as little as $280 for a package of five cartridges.

And while the intensity of the experience is dose-dependent, vaping DMT can cause similarly intense hallucinations as consuming it in more traditional ways.

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How Does a DMT Vape Compare to a Cannabis Vape?

As with cannabis, vaping DMT has its benefits, like convenience, ease of use, and a degree of control over how big of a hit you can take. But also, as with cannabis, the question remains: Is vaping safe when it comes to DMT?

There’s plenty of reason to be concerned about the health effects of inhaling DMT-infused e-liquid in light of the new, deadly lung disease that’s been tied to vaping.

Since August of 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported 60 confirmed deaths and another 2,668 hospitalizations in America due to EVALI (which stands for e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury).

EVALI causes severe lung infections in otherwise healthy individuals. Health experts have found that vaping cannabis and/or tobacco e-liquid is a common thread among patients with EVALI. Since making that discovery, researchers have begun analyzing the chemicals used to produce cannabis and tobacco e-liquid, but they haven’t given the same attention to the potential health risks of vaping other substances, like DMT.

Research on DMT Vape Pen Effects

dmt cartridge price“I don’t know of any research on DMT vape pens,” Thomas Anderson, research director of the Psychedelic Studies Research Program at the University of Toronto, tells DoubleBlind. “As far as I know, there is zero research on that topic. As such, honest scientists could not authoritatively comment on whether DMT vape pens are especially safe or dangerous or anywhere in between.”


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